Saturday, January 5, 2013

love, hope, joy

I know it's been quiet around here at SLLG headquarters, but for good reason I promise. On top of Christmas, already a beautiful, but full season, we have turned our house upside down and around the wrong way, and then back to (new) normal in a major renovate, as well as hosting our wonderful french rellies. Yes, it's been busy, and I think I would be understating it to say that there has been little time for reading. 

It wouldn't feel right to launch straight into the new year without a little salute to our Christmas festivities.  Despite the endless to-do list that accompany the celebrations, I am always grateful for the essence of what the Christmas season brings, the returning to the essentials: love, hope and joy. I hope you felt the magic of the season in your neck of the woods.

St Nicholas' visit...and this pic says a lot about my tribe (not least that they need some new shoes, naughty, busy mama)

Our Christmas eve stories: Christmas Eve at the Mellops and Christmas in Noisy Village (why is it I am so taken by Northern European Christmas celebrations? Is it because Santa lives up that way, I wonder?)

 Three of my favourite things: glimpse of sunset, new french doors and christmas lights.

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  1. That looks like the most amazing Christmas in the history of ever, and I can't BELIEVE that we weren't there with you guys!!!!!!! AMAZE!!!!!


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