Thursday, July 12, 2012

Quiet Spaces

I have been reveling in holiday calm the last few days. Released for a moment from my full-time role as family taxi driver, I am amazed with how much free time and domestic energy it has left me with. I have cleaned, run along the beach, baked bread, taken long baths, and even managed an afternoon nap tucked up with a Joan Trollope book, (Other People's Children), and a cup of rooibus.

Inspired by my current fave home and interior magazine (library issues only, often out-of-date, not complaining, at all. I love it), Homes and Antiques, I thought I'd share with you some nursery pictures I shot during my day of domesticity.

Hope you are having a nice week too.

x Library Girl


  1. Gosh 'Other's People's Children' certainly brings back memories...How very relaxing.....cute shots of the nursery! Love the suitcases. Roberta x

  2. gorgeous photos, i love sneaking a peek into other peoples home (especially when they're pretty!). can i ask, where did you get those beautiful red shoes? totally in love with them x

    1. Hi Max! The sweet little shoes are from The Warehouse - a great find, real leather. x

  3. gorgeous photo's-what a sweet room it must be. We have that same Paris map in our lounge- love the colours in it.


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