Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ripe cookbook

My dear friend Gin (of bake club fame) has supplied me with just about every beautiful recipe book I own. I consider myself spoilt - I've been a grateful recipient of some real classics. 

Last Christmas Gin bought me the Ripe deli book Ripe Recipes by Angela Redfern. 

I've looked through plenty of recipe books in my time. While most inspire me to dream,  it takes a special cookbook to inspire me to action. This one did. I have used it numerous times in the last six months, and absolutely love it.

I made brioche for the first time, a little tentatively (my husband is half-french and he's got a frenchman's taste for brioche!), but I needn't have worried, they were such a hit. The recipe was really straight forward, and the filling (rhubarb and custard) was divine! I'll be making them again.

To continue the rhubarb theme, I also made the rhubarb butterscotch layer cake. It wasn't quite as straightforward (it took me three tries to get the caramel sauce right for starters) but it was really worth it. Cream cheese, and caramel, and sponge, and rhubarb....it's gooooood! And the next-day leftovers were even better.

There's such a nice combination of practical/real and decadence to this book. From chutneys to chocolate easter nests, it's jam-packed full of good ideas. And it's a real keeper.

x Library Girl


  1. I'm with you - LOVE cookbooks but they rarely get me actually cooking. My fave right now is A Winters Table by Matthew Evans. It helps that it is local to me, seasonal food.
    Ripe Deli sounds excellent, and your cooking... yummoooo :) x

  2. Thanks for the shout out - we love our cookbook too and hope you will enjoy the next one out next year. It's always great to see the successes of people cooking/baking at home - such great looking brioche well done!!


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