Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Made in France craft series

I've made excited exclamations about the Made in France series before. I love the way they put these craft books together, the styling is beautiful, the craft ideas are gorgeous, and I'm always inspired.

Cross-stitch samplers by Marjorie Massey is as stylish as all the others, and with a focus on linen, and white, blue and red, it has a distinctly french feel.

I've never managed to complete a cross-stitch project (I still have the unfinished rooster I was cross stitching for my older brother's 10th birthday, and he just turned 40. I did contemplate finishing it for his birthday this year, but I decided the time had well passed since it was appropriate to give my brother a cross-stitched rooster), but if  I ever get inspired to start a new cross-stitch project, I think I'll begin right here with one of the loose leaf patterns in this book.

                   x Library Girl

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  1. I have to agree. I really liked the first Made in France book. In general, I've found any Murdoch Books craft book to be well worth it (esp. Material Obsession series). None of this only 12 patterns guff and instead copious patterns, great styling and editorial. I figure they have must have a very discerning editor.


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