Friday, June 1, 2012

Fair isle mash-up

I got this idea in my head about a baby's hat I wanted to make. A helmet style with an extra front flap to be fastened up with a button....and a bit of fair isle thrown in too. My freestyle knitting confidence is not peaking right now, but I knew I had to push myself to bring the idea to fruition, else I may regret it forever. So I gathered several books from the library, and between them, and with a bit of extra experimentation thrown in, I am getting closer to the finished object.

I've never done fair isle knitting before, but by following the little grids in the book Icelandic Knitting by Helene Magnusson (I guess it's not technically fair isle then? but I love it no matter!) I nutted things out, and was delighted when I saw real deal knitted snowflakes starting to form!

I think I'll have to make the most of the long weekend and head down the garden with my knitting and thermos to enjoy the last of the autumnal sunshine, and finish this thing I've started.

Happy Queen's Birthday weekend to you all!

x Library Girl

PS the other book I drew inspiration from was Baby Bloom by Erika Knight


  1. Ohhhh I love it! Congrats on your courage (man you've got to have it when you embark on something scary like that!) I love he colours. So off you go with your thermos and finish that beautiful helmut hat. Don't forget to post the finished item...

  2. OH MY!!! Speechless with admiration!! x

  3. Wow! Looks impressive! Can't wait to see how you get on...

  4. Coool! Makes me wish i could knit!

  5. You have never done it before! Are you serious - well done!!


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