Monday, May 28, 2012

The goodness of a pile of books beside the bed

Some days I just can't wait for bed time, especially with a pile of books like this waiting for me. I was recommended The Paris Wife by a friend, it is about Hemingway's wife. I have followed Rachel Allen's cooking career a bit since I have been helping out a friend opening a cook school here in Hawke's Bay, so it was a treat to find this book Home Cooking at the library. Fairytale Food by Lucie Cash, looks cute but not very practical. And, finally, ah sweetness, the latest Country Living magazine.


  1. Looks like a great stack. I feel the same way, I love heading off to bed knowing I have a great book to read! It always has been, and I imagine always will be what puts me to sleep at night :)

  2. truely nothing nicer than a pile of good books and a warm blanket. Except perhaps those cute spotty curtains!


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