Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday outings

On Sundays, even before we read the paper or settle in with a good book, we get out into nature. The thought of our sporty sunday outing gets me through our occasionally rough week nights. I so love it -  it's being out in the sun, the wind, the weather. It's having a chance to chatter and talk big dreams, and it's the flat white that is always part of the adventure.

This weekend, we made the most of the new lime bike paths that have popped up all over Hawke's Bay, with a coffee at Clifton Bay cafe along the way. I heart sunday outings!

And then it was home to my new favourite book -

The most quirky, stay-all-day delicious Auckland cafe, Little and Friday, now has a beautiful new cookbook. Love love love!

Published by Penguin
x Library Girl

PS Don't forget to enter the book giveaway for the Louise Rennison book! Only 8 days to go

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