Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mystery knitter

The other day on a car ride home, I got to talking with my daughters about star signs. My eldest daughter, a cancerian, started with; "I can't see much good about being cancer, like, it's a crab, yuk, and cancer isn't a nice word either!" So, I gave her a run-down of the many talented, inspiring, wonderful people who are cancerians like her. She was placated. Then my second daughter piped up with; "That sounds like the best star sign, what about us Pisceans then mum, are we beautiful inside and out too?" I remembered quite liking being told as a teenager that as a Pisces I had a mysterious chic allure, so I put a spin on that. My eldest thought about it for a while and then said;

            "yeah, well, I agree with that. I mean, when I look at you Mum, I wouldn't think you belonged to a knitting club!!!" The tone in her voice made it very clear that my cool 14 year old is not joining up with the knitting club any time soon!

I giggled the rest of the way home.

adventures with moss stitch - my second-ever cardigan

 Speaking of knitting, I have just been on Knit Picks to listen to a podcast interview with Michelle Edwards who I highlighted in my November book chat. Listening to crafty podcasts while doing the morning dishes, sure makes it a nicer way to start the day!


  1. actually laughed out loud! You captured those two girls just perfectly!

  2. That cardi is so delicate and gorgeous!

  3. I am i love with moss stitch, ever since my nan knitted me one to take to boarding school. I got teased so much when I wore it...but then, a few years later when it was cool to be a hippy, I was ever so popular. Moss stitch cardiwith long aline wrap around Indian skirt. Sweet. xx


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