Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November bookchat with a crafty book and Ginny's Brooklyn Brownie recipe

October went by without me finding a book that I felt deserved the mantle of being a bookchat book :(. But happily I found just the one for November. It is a darling little book that I came across at a library that I don't usually visit. I'm so glad I did.

It is called The Knitter's Home Companion - a heartwarming collection of stories, patterns, and recipes by Michelle Edwards.
Published byMelanie Falick books

Everything about this book appealed to me: the size (little), the illustrations, the inclusions of patterns, the book recommendations, recipes, and the writing. The writing (a collection of essays primarily about knitting, but encompassing the full richness of life: of mothering, being part of a community, and of humanity at large) is just beautiful.

After enjoying the book so much I just had to google the author, and seek out more of her work to read. What I came across on her website, and the browsing that followed, reminded me just how steeped in crafting the United States is. I get so inspired by American crafters and craft bloggers. One day I dream of hopping on a plane, and going and finding some of those crafters and craft groups for myself. What fun, a crafty roadtrip of America. Anyone in?

Meantime, I will savour the moments when I find new books like this one.

Do you have a favourite crafting book? I'd love to hear about it for November's bookchat.

This month's yummy bookchat food treat is thanks to Bakeclub.



  1. Sounds like a gem of a book! I am currently reading Spiritual Midwifery, as funny as it is interesting! Dated, yes, but full of inspiration also (as you already know)... I never knew it would be so fascinating reading the birth stories of so many 'far out' hippies!

  2. Brownies look great. Thank you for a lovely review.

  3. Love the look of your blog. That header could so be me. LOVE!


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