Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Library Girl happiness...a night out talking about books

If you ever hear of a Publishers' Roadshow near you, then my advice is to get to it by any means possible. Publishers' Roadshows are fab. Not only is there wine and usually a nice platter or two of chilly philly, but there is the thrill of hearing about all the new books that are coming out, way before they are on book shop shelves, (infact, way before their jacket pictures have come out on the internet...hence this post being a bit short on images), and there is something rather exciting about that, don't you think?

So, since I suspect that sadly none of you made it to the Publishers' Roadshow that I went to the other night, consider me the informer. Here are the books I will be hunting down:

Firstly, some non fiction goodness in time for Christmas - it's all cook books and station life:

     Italia by Jo Seagar

     Stoked by Al Brown

     Otiwhiti Station by the Duncan family

     Castlepoint - the story of life on an iconic NZ sheep and cattle station by Lorain Day

I'm harder to please on the fiction front, but I came away from the Roadshow with a few book titles to keep an eye out for, one was The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, touted as the next Time Traveler's Wife (and how I loved that book!). But since then I have read a review or two about it, and in this one from The Independent this line made me giggle: "reminiscent....[of a] mild but persistent attack of trapped wind". It sounds quite painful. 

But I'd almost buy it for it's cute cover.

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