Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The (new) home decor bible

I know I promised book club this week, but the truth is I am still reading my book club book...it is absolutely amazing so far, but I don't want to talk about it yet, just incase it doesn't finish as well as it has started.

But in the meantime I have a little something for you. The best. home. decor. book. ever.

It is.......Spaces.
Spaces by frankie magazine
Have you seen it already? Am I late on the scene? Tell me.

The 255 page book (I tell you how many pages it is because in this instance it matters - you never want this book to end, and happily it takes quite a while before it does!) has been put together by those oh-so-very clever folk at Frankie Magazine in Australia.

Each picture is packed with so much delightful detail that the book needs (many) repeat viewings.

It's just amazing. If you haven't found it already, then do. Really.

Library Girl


  1. *sigh* I love this book so much, It's one that I constatntly pick up and pour over and find new things each time.
    Have come for a visit from Stella's bloggie, and so glad I did, I lOVE books too! :)

  2. *constantly* ah hum, yes, I can spell... ;P


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