Thursday, June 16, 2011

If I were asked to plan a month of children's storytime...

I'd dedicate it to Frances stories. Russell Hoban captures the quirks and curiosities of childhood so brilliantly (albeit in the guise of badgers) that these books are a great pleasure for children and adults alike.

We'd read Bread and Jam for Frances, followed by bread and jam snacks (imagine).

Very cute pictures by Lillian Hoban too
We'd read Best Friends for Frances and then have trolley rides down the library aisles.

We'd sing Frances songs, and write a little ditty or two.

We'd celebrate being one-off delightful characters, every one of us.

This would be our complete reading list:
         A Baby Sister for Frances 
         A Bargain for Frances
         Best Friends for France
         A Birthday for Frances
         Bread and Jam for Frances

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