Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cup of tea and bit of book chat (2)

Hello friends!
Book chat time again. Thank you so much for your replies to last month's book chat. I love knowing you are out there!! Don't forget to add your latest book recommendations this month too.

 My book recommendation this time is Common Table, a delightful little book written by two old school friends, Janice Marriott and Virginia Pawsey, who met at a reunion and began writing to each other. Their letters have been published in two books. The first, Common Ground, chronicled their gardens, one in central Wellington and the other in Canterbury hill country. In Common Table they share recipes and reflect on the differences between city and country life. It's lovely! 

Remember, I promised I would bring food to book chat? Well, this month I am very excited to welcome bake club to book chat. Have a look at their fabulous blog. And, aren't these macarons amazing.

Basil lime macarons

Talk soon. Love, Library Girl. xx


  1. I am delighted to stumble upon this blog some time ago and have just found the time to revisit. Over the years many a good book has been shared between and I have really missed that. I will definitely seek out this months recommendation. I am thoroughly loving "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert just now, I imagine you have read? Much better, and richer than the movie I think.

  2. Love the fancy new library girl header :-)
    I'm exploring one of Frank Herbert's lesser known books, Destination Void, at the moment. Not totally convinced that its anywhere near as good as the Dune series, but I'll keep at it for a while, see where it takes me.
    I'm also reading 'Felix Finestitch' to Archie, which is nice to revisit :-)


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