Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hiding out with the cookbooks

I can barely disguise my delight when I get rostered to shelve in the cooking section. Ofcourse I wouldn't dream of reading the books in work time :) but even just being amongst them is somehow inspiring. These are my top four books of the week.

I'm not the only librarian who has admitted to taking cook books home simply to read the recipes and look at the pretty pictures - sometimes in life it's not about the doing, it's about the dreaming, right?

And there is something about celebrity food writers - they're so passionate about what they do, that I still get utterly inspired, without lifting a cooking utensil.

Having said that, I have whipped up something from each of these books, and, aside from a disasterous marshmallow, have had some great results.

xx Library Girl


  1. Ah yes when I worked in my uni library I used to love 'returning' the cook books. Still have recipes copied in hand and photocopied in my collection

  2. Yup, have just fallen in love with cookbooks myself! Wish I was organised enough to copy out recipes and actually use them! Might have to hunt out those titles, thanks Library girl!


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